quinta-feira, 24 de dezembro de 2009

~ All my love

Love is taking me by inside
And changing all my mind
I'm breaking out the fear of facing
The wish of my heart

You're the reason of my breath
The cause my blood runs fast
My senses take me to your path
I know, you're all in my head

To the stars, I'll take you,
For your dreams, I'll make you happier
With me, cause you're the one I want
To give, all my love.

I'll lay your head on my shoulders
With my arms I'll hold you closer
I'll make shiver with my caress
The wish of my heart

With my plays, make you smile
Touch your hair, watch your eyes
Take you to a place that just only we could be
That's true, I'm loving you

I'm sorry but now I can't let you escape
I'll grab your hand and take you far away
I'll show my love and make you smile
And make you put out what you feel inside

Inglês fodido demais? Provavelmente. Me veio na cabeça agora, sem significados ou direcionamentos.

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